Notes on Nicomachean Ethics Book III & IV, by Aristotle

Wishing for certain ends–deliberating about the means–choosing a means to the end–acting willing as a result–over time–habits form–habits shape our character.


  1. Courage–Fear & pain                                  Fearfulness–rashness/excessive confidence
  2. Moderation–pleasure (bodily)                   Insensibility–dissipation
  3. Generosity–money                                      Stinginess–wastefulness
  4. Magnificence–money                                   Chintziness/vulgarity–gaudiness
  5. Magnanimity–greatness (honored)           small-souled(under valued)–vanity(over valued)
  6. Honor–regular
  7. Gentleness–anger
  8. No name–social relations
  9. No name–“truthful”
  10. No name–“charming”

*Book IV, 1, “Therefore the generous man will give for the sake of the noble, and rightly; for he will give to the right people, the right amounts, and at the right time, with all the other qualifications that accompany right giving; and that too with pleasure or without pain; for that which is virtuous is pleasant or free from pain-least of all will it be painful.”

*2, As far as magnificence, “it is a fitting expenditure involving largeness of scale.” The magnificent man is generous, but the generous man is not necessarily magnificent.

*3, “the man is thought to be magnanimous is thought to be proud who thinks himself worthy of great things, being worthy of them.””Magnanimity is concerned with honor on the grand scale.”

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