Genesis Chapter 2-6


God blessed the seventh day in which he finished creating everything and set rules for human beings. Adam, Eve and the serpent received punishment because of their breaking the rules. The human nature is envy. Cain killed his brother Abel because of envy. He was punished by the rule-maker-God. The generation pass, the LORD lamented the wickedness of man and decided to destroy humankind completely. Noah, who was a just and upright man, was chosen to survive, with accepting new laws.

I. The state of Nature without knowledge

A. The LORD god formed man of the dust, and took his rib to make a woman. Human beings are created. Human beings are naturally free. The man was commanded to eat freely of every tree of the garden, except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The man gave names to everything. Human beings were not ashamed of their naked body with innocence.

B. The reason of marriage

Woman was make of man’s rib. The bone and flesh of woman are man’s because she was taken out of man. Man leaves his parents and cleave to his wife and becomes one flesh.

II. Knowledge bring both good and evil. Human nature is honesty, surrender & envy.

A. People are naturally honest.

When God questioned about eating the tree of knowledge, both the man and the woman were telling the truth, without concealing and cheating.

B. People are naturally subdued and envious.

Knowledge bring people reason and give people the ability of thinking. Cain and Abel offer sacrifice to the rule maker—the LORD. They are naturally subdued. Cain killed Abel because of envy. Human nature is naturally envious.

III. The state of law

  1. Punishment is applied based on criminal

Adam and Eve, who is seduced by the serpent, ate the tree of knowledge, breaking the rules made by God. They were all punished by God. The serpent was punished on its body. The woman is punished to bear conceptions pain and be subject to husband. The man is punished to work to feed himself. Every punishment is made according to their criminals properly.

2. Knowledge bring people reason. People felt shamed on their naked body. Knowledge bring people responsibility. They undertake responsibility based on what they knew and did.

3. Punishment is for correcting people rather than destroying them.

Cain killed his brother Abel because Abel and his offering were respected by the LORD. Cain was exiled in the land east of Eden, with protecting from the wrath of other people. God making punishment on Cain is not to revenge and destroy Cain for his evil, instead, the LORD aimed to make Cain good, with justice and mercy.

D. God brought the flood to destroy human beings, lamenting the wickedness of man. The just and upright man is chose to survive, with the new laws are made.


Public administration plays the role of the LORD, who is the rule-maker, in the society. It guides people how to live their life, applying punishment on our disobedience. Knowledge make people live with reason, but bring both good and evil to us. Being just and upright and overcoming the shortage of human nature is the only way and the best manner to live.

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