Rosen Bloom Reading Notes

Chapter One:

What is administrative law?

Administrative law is the regulatory law of public administration.

  1. FDA: The US Food and Drug Administration
  2. Technology and economics; b. Safety; c. transparency;

Why we have administrative law statutes:


  1. As the scope and complexity of public policy increase, legislatures have difficulty keeping abreast of the need to adopt and amend legislation.
  2. Legislatures cannot be expected to have the level of detailed technical expertise often required in contemporary public policymaking.
  3. It avoids taking firm stands on controversial issues


Discretion is essential to the implementation of laws and the successful achievement of a government’s policy objectives.

  1. Structuring administrative decisionmaking processes
  2. Providing for procedural and substantive review of administrators’ decisions

Chapter 2

The constitutional context of US public administration

  1. The separation of powers

Legislatures write administrative law to promote representativeness, public participation, transparency, and fairness in public administration.

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