First, Wilson suggested that a businesslike approach used in the field of administration is the most efficient. Business embraced technology, applying it to machines and human beings in pursuit of efficiency. Wilson drew the lesson that administrative efficiency as well as administrative responsibility would be enhanced through hierarchical structures. Centralization ensures trustworthiness and efficient operations. There is no inconsistency with democratic norms of decentralization and public participation.

Secondly, Wilson raised the distinction between politics and administration, where administration lies outside the proper sphere of politics. Administrative questions are not political questions. Although politics sets the tasks for administration, it should not be suffered to manipulate its offices.

Briefly, politics is all about making public policies, while administration refers to implementing policies.

Wilson is search for scientific principles of AM to attain efficiency: 1) PA is made distinctive by its relationship to the governmental process and that this relationship requires that special attention be paid to such normative concerns as justice, freedom, and responsibility. 2) After decisions are made in a democratic manner, their implementation depends on the same managerial techniques employed in private industry.

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