Frederick Winslow Taylor

Frederick Winslow Taylor

    In Denhardt and Catlaw, Frederick Taylor stated that the best management is a true science, resting upon defined laws, rules, and principles. Managers need to design and conduct experiments, to discover the most efficient techniques available, to plan work processes that would take advantage of these techniques, and to train and supervise workers using these techniques.

In “The Principles of Scientific Management”, Taylor stated that the thing that all industries pursue is to bring wealth into this world and the world uses it with improving efficiency. Labor-saving devices facilitate efficiency.

Taylor argued that soldiering is the absolute rule with all workmen who know their business. Soldiering is a misfortune in industry. Workmen didn’t receive a good wage owing to their hard work and dexterity. Contrarily, workmen’s dexterity brings them competitions, which cause a wage cut.

Taylor stated that the scientific management is developed through evolution, where increasing of the output, cheapening the product, and larger profit happen. A mental revolution involves no occasion to quarrel between workmen and employers. Instead, they pursue the highest efficiency.

Taylor raised four principles of scientific management. First is the deliberate gathering together of the great mass of traditional knowledge. Second, it is the scientific selection of the workman, and then his progressive development. Third, it is bringing together the science and the man. The fourth principle is a complete re-division of the work of the establishment.

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