Republic–Outline of Education Book II-III

Plato’s Republic

The Education in Books II-III

  1. Education has two components:
    1. Music—all that is learned through the Muses (through speech)
    2. Gymnastic—literally, the exercise of the naked body (bodily training)
  2. Musical education comes first:
    1. Content—what is to be said
      1. About the gods
      2. About heroes
  • About human beings
  1. Style—how it is to be said
    1. Narration vs. imitation
    2. Style the poets are to use vs. style the guardians are to use
  2. Harmony—the melody
    1. The character of the musical accompaniment to the speeches and the effect different kinds of melody have on the soul
  3. Rhythm—the beat
    1. The character of the underlying beat of the musical accompaniment and the effect that different rhythms have on the soul
  4. Summary of the musical education—what its overall intent is
  • Gymnastic education
  1. Discussion of the overall intent of the education as a whole
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