People make decisions every day. We make decisions for our lunch. We make decisions for our marriage. We make decisions for our life. It is hard to make a fine decision. Furthermore, it is impossible to always make good decisions. I think the most important thing of making a decision is not to make a good choice, but never to be regretful for your choice.

I have had to make a major decision in my first year of college. College in China is totally different from it in America. Having spent the hardest time in high school, every freshman feels like we are going to be free and liberated. My roommates brought their laptops and were addicted to computer games. They were often absent for class. They stayed at dorm and didn’t go outside even. They were decadent and hedonic. I knew I had to make a decision at that time. Joining them and enjoying the so-called college time or continuing to learn and getting me enriched, it was the time for me to make the decision.

Looking back my childhood and teenage, I experienced and managed my life so satisfyingly even though I was not excellent. Although I was not a genius, I enjoyed my life so much. I told me I can’t indulge myself. I was afraid that I would be abashed and ashamed when I tell the story of my college to my child after ten years later. Therefore, I made the choice to go into library and pick up the books. I printed out my resume designed by myself. I went to high school and sent them out. I got my first job experience to be an English tutor. I made the first sum of money in my life.

In retrospection, I’m so satisfied with the choice I made before. I may loss the happy time with my friends sharing laughs and chats in dorm; however, I harvest a period of memorable and precious experience of being independent. I believe it is one of the good decisions I have made in my life.

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