“I am full of bright threads, if only I could gather them together.”

My father went to Japan when I was seven years old. And he has worked there for three years. After he came back, his hair became white. And he became too fat to be recognized by me. After coming back, he stayed home for several months. He taught me Japanese and IPA. He once scolded me for my slight on study. He tore my homework into pieces because of my carelessness and laziness. In memories, he is such a person who is always strict on my study. However, I learned a lot during the period he stayed at home.

I have never ever been the top student in my class. I was a common medium-ranking student in junior high school. However, I showed a little advantage in remembering English words. I could spell the words I heard since I learned IPA. Realizing my advantage, I was addicted to remember English words. I put English words which I learned into different categories. I saved these words in my mind and regarded them as my wealth, although most of the words are seldom used.

I was a science and computer technology major in college. I showed much more talents on programming than my friends since I can read the English words used in special software. I got to realize that my English vocabularies help me all the time. However, after one year’s study, I couldn’t see the value in it. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. And then, I changed my major to English. I decided to focus on language study.

Having been studied another year in English department, I got the opportunity to study abroad. I seized the opportunity and I came here. I communicated with Americans. I spoke English every day. Now I have more choices to do the things interest me since I got the language ability. I’m still confused about my future. But I’ll keep going, never settle.

From learning IPA from my father to studying in America, I can’t connect bright threads looking forward; however, I connect them looking backwards clearly. Jobs once said, we have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in our future. We have to trust in something – our gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Continue to make these “bright threads” clear, and one day you’ll find you gather them together unconsciously.

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