Comparing phenomenon is not only a sickness for individuals, but for the society as well. Everyone has vanity, more or less, which touches us in our whole life.

We were born with vanity. We compare everything all the time. We prefer to have beautiful clothes and delicious food at the time we even can’t talk. As we grow up, we start to vie with our friends. We ask for toys which others have. We show off everything new we got. After going to high school, the vanity grows rapidly. Students craze to vie with each other. The sickness touches me as well. I’d like to show off my new cell phone to my friends. I like to wear expensive clothes to attract others’ eyes. I like the feeling to make me talked about.

The sickness also touches others even the world. I found everyone is busy vying with others when I went to college. My friends are always taking delight in talking about their family. It seems important for college students to figure out whose parents are rich or not and whether their family is rich. Most students would own their first laptop when we go to college. Therefore, Apple seems more glorious than other brands for students since it represents one’s wealth and taste somehow.

I find adults vie with each other too. Parents like to talk about their children. It is decent to have their children enrolled in famous college and have a decent job after graduating. It is important to buy their clothes in big cities since new fashion apparels make them different from others. Honestly, we vie with each other all the time.

Unfortunately, vanity makes us unreal. We live in others’ eyes and others’ world. Sometimes, I find I learn for having a good life and a decent job. In some sense, I struggle for living around admiring eyes and for others remarks. How difficult it is to be myself, living in such a comparing society. There’s no solution to treat the sickness. However, sometimes water is better than coffee.

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