My Strength?

Sometimes I feel confused and somewhat self-condemned. The famous commencement addressed by Steve Jobs has encouraged me a lot in my life. His words influence me a lot. And I’m always looking for my talent maybe only on a very small certain field. However, unfortunately, I haven’t found it. I have been trying to make a difference. I still remember Jobs’ words–“the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” Ironically, I don’t know what I love most. I like to do many things. But I’m crazy on nothing.

As far as my greatest strength, I think it is persistence. I have to persist since I show genius on nothing. I haven’t found my love; therefore, I have to persist in doing the things I like. Based on these two simple and even ridiculous reasons, I am always showing more persistence than others. I like to speak English. Therefore, I listen to VOA every day. I work on English vocabularies every day. I read English essays every day. I hope one day I could speak English fluently. I hope one day I maybe I can make a difference in foreign language, although I don’t think I have any talent in learning language. I remember English words slowly. And I imitate Native American accent terribly. I come to realize that I am just a common person. However, I have nothing to do but persist. I don’t have the coverage to admit my ordinary. Indeed, I don’t want to lose the game in which I am the only player. I have to persist, though I can see nothing of the future.

I know I show much more persistence than my friends. But it’s not enough. My persistence is not enough for me to be successful. Sometimes, I am easily to be distracted by others. I cannot get myself wholly in control. I waste time in soap TV shows. I waste time in playing computer games. I waste time to do meaningless things. I’ll not give up easily. But I lack persistence. I wish more of persistence. I wish I could be a giant one day in a certain field.

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