Where Does the Time Fly?

I have experienced a lot of beautiful things in my life.

When I was young, I believed that beauty refers to what appeals to my eyes. A nice and well built girl was regarded as beautiful. A bunch of vigorous flowers were also considered as beautiful. A splendid waterfall coming down from a mountain was as well looked on as beautiful.

As I grow up, I have deeper understanding of beauty. I think beauty also refers to what appeals to my mind. The virtue of the Chinese nation industry and bravery are taken as beautiful, because it helped to produce such a magnificent culture in the world. Einstein’s theory of relativity is also perceived as beautiful, for it explains many natural phenomena so perfectly.

However, I found the most beautiful thing at least for me in my life just a few days ago. The most beautiful thing was found in a photo which my mom sent to me. The beauty is in the wrinkles and lines on my mom’s forehead. Staring at the lines and wrinkles, I wept. Several years ago, my mom just studied in college and enjoyed her youth before I came into the world. She was so pretty with slender figure, long black hair and nice appearance. In my memories, I never noticed that my mom is becoming older and older as I grow up. I still remembered what my mom looks like when I was a child. She liked to wear a long skirt. She was always holding my little hands and taking care of me. Time flies, it was the first time I found she’s getting older. She spent her most beautiful time to take care of me, to support the family and to teach me to be a good man. The wrinkles and lines on her forehead are the bloom of her beautiful life.

Spring returns back to the courtyard

The dead wood blossoms again

What a lifetime of tales

The old grey head could tell

My little tiny feet in your memories

My chubby cheek you loved

How warm and satisfied you were the first time I called Mom

Where does the time fly?

Youth fades, too soon you’re old

Bear sons and daughters

The things all in your mind are tears and smiles of me

Where does the time fly?

Your eyesight is growing dim with age without enough time to watch my growing up

There’s half of a lifetime with hustle and bustle

Things etch your face are lines and wrinkles

How beautiful you are! How beautiful those lines are.

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