“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” W.B. Yeats

I believe that education is lighting of a fire. I have been a language learner for almost ten years. I began to learn English when I was in junior high school. In China, English as one of general education courses is taught from junior high school till the second year of college. During the time before I went to college, learning English is the filling a pail rather than the lighting of a fire at least for me. I remembered English vocabularies and grammars everyday. I did English written practices everyday. The purpose of learning English is to get a good grade in the finals. Lacking of opportunities to communicate with English speakers and use of English leads to my dumb-English. I once had the idea of giving up learning English since there’s no point to become a learning machine.

After going to college, I changed my mind as English major.  Education gives me zeal and confidence to create my own future. I enjoyed my first English version fiction—The Call of the Wild. After that, I decided to learn English hard. I hope one day I could speak English fluently. I hope I could be one of the best English interpreters in China. Education gives me the hope and encouragement to make a difference. Therefore, I believe education is the lighting of a fire the moment you find your interests and know clearly the reasons why you study.

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