“Who can smile when brought to one’s knees?”

Every person whether rich or poor has his own difficulties, because life is not always full of smiles and flowers. Therefore, it is very important to have a correct attitude to face up the difficulties.

Different people have different views on it. Some people just want to evade and they haven’t tried their best. For these people, it is hard to be successful in the end. Conversely, some people believe that “failure is the mother of success”, they are confident and positive when they have difficulties. The moment they were brought to their knees, they choose to face up the difficulties with a smile and try their best to solve their problems. And personally, it is much better and useful to solve problems with smiles while brought to my knees.

Growing up must go with difficulties and troubles. I did have a good and meaningful college time in my country in China. I read books in library while my friends were addicted to computer games. I did sports and enjoyed sunshine while my friends played cards all weekends. I was not different from others. I want to improve and enrich myself in mind only. On weekends, I went to work as an English tutor. Sometimes, I was satisfied with myself. I contacted with the students’ parents who I didn’t know. I recommended myself confidently. I combed the knowledge I was going to teach carefully. I made money through my hard working. However, sometimes, I brought to my knees. To be responsible and faithful, I got up early in the morning so hard on weekends. To do what promised to my students, I caught bus and always waited for a long time even in cold winter. When faced up the hardness, I once thought of giving up. I could have spent my college life comfortably and enjoyably like others. But I didn’t. Every time I felt tired and hard, I told myself that I need to persist in my efforts. I gave me a smile. I knew I was the happiest person in the world since I lived for myself.

The right way to face up difficulties is to be confident. Smile to yourself and you will find the difficulties are not as hard as you thought. In addition, I believe that a man of men knows when to lie low and when to walk tall.

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