“Every man has within himself the entire human condition.” Michele de Montaigne

To be honest, I have realized that I’m not a good man since the day I could judge me. I am smart, ironically, I am selfish. I could do everything satisfying to others because of my selfishness. I do my best because I know I can benefit from the results. I study hard because I know I need to get good grades in the finals, not considering I’ll contribute myself to the society with my knowledge in the future. I work hard because I want to make money, not thinking I provide people help and service. I argue with others because I have to protect my personal interest first, not considering if others’ situation may be worse and worthy of sympathy. I’m striving in my life because I want to live better with no other altisonant reasons. I am selfish. And I am sure people are all same as me. Humans are selfish.

I have no religious beliefs. I don’t believe people devote themselves to others and the society selflessly. I was naïve and kind when I was young. However, as I grow up, I believe that to be selfish is the most effective way to protect myself and to enter into the society. I know I become mature. However, my mind was touched and changed after meeting him.

I experienced a traffic accident in Morehead during the time I studied abroad. I had to admit it’s my fault in the accident to a large extent. My car was broken while his is fine. I was so nervous because I was not able to pay for my car’s damage even if he didn’t blame to me. I thought the best situation should be that we take care of our cars respectively. I told myself to talk to him carefully and do not admit my fault. However, after getting off the car, he talked to me immediately. He made sure I was fine first. And then, he apologized for his haste. He said he could help me to fix my car. At that time, I didn’t believe my ears. Was he stupid? I asked myself time and time again. Absolutely, he was not. He did the research and tried to figure out how to have my car repaired most economically. He kept in touch with me. He did what he promised. I was confused.

I come to realize that I am wrong. I was totally wrong. There’s existence of sincerity and forgiveness besides selfness. He knew my car was damaged much worse than his. He knew I had trouble solving the problem. He chose to forgive me and help me, not realizing I was selfish……

Therefore, what is “human condition?” Under my understanding, human condition is nothing good or nothing bad. Human condition is nothing right or nothing wrong. Human condition is up to the way you choose to live. Human condition depends on the way you choose to define your life. Human condition could be selfishness. You choose to live humble and cautiously. Human condition could also be generous and tolerant. You choose to live respected and liberally.

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