“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

For me, I think the first quote “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” could reflect my attitude of handling stress appropriately. Our life is full of stress. The reason why we are always feeling tired is that we carry the heavy life on the back. However, stress makes our life full of challenges. And I think it is the reason why we live. The way of my studying is full of thorn. Different from American education system, in China, high school is the most important and the busiest time for a student. I was not an excellent student. I have never been ranked in the range of top students, although I worked hard enough in high school. It means I cannot go to good colleges after graduating. In addition, I’m not good at any certain subject. And I have no gift for anything. I’m such a normal person. My family is not rich. I know I need to create my future on my own. I was a computer major in the first year of my college. After one year study, I can see nothing of my future. What I learned are to ca calculate several math questions in exams and to repeat some basic computer theories in the book. I even hate sitting in front of computer too long as a computer major. After deep consideration, I decided to give up learning computer and to change my major into English. However, I did nothing but idle in my second year of college as an English major. I went to classes, learn English vocabularies, and took the examinations. I still had no idea what I would do and what job I preferred in my clouded future. At the end of my second year of college, I heard of there was a study abroad program. To get rid of the current life with no idea, I came to Morehead as an exchange student. I had to say the year of studying in MSU changed my mind a lot. During the year I was in Morehead, I didn’t find my interest, and I still cannot see my future clearly. But I decided to stay here to finish my college study, because at least, my English was improving and I knew clearly what I was doing. And at least, I lived in the moment. However, my study career didn’t change successfully and smoothly after all of these I experienced. I had so much trouble in transferring to Morehead. My transcripts cannot be admitted. My tuition increased because I was not an exchange student anymore. I cannot be an English major anymore because I seem like an idiot in an English speaking country. I had no idea how long my parents could support me to study here. Although I was facing so many realistic problems, I cannot accept going back to the life where I was from. I changed my major again and I came to MSU without my transcripts. Now I’m an international studies major, which is the only possible major for me to stay in MSU, considering about the possible acceptable transcripts and expense in America. Almost all of my friends don’t understand what my major is about. And I know most students choose my major as minor. Using my own words, I think my major is not a main-steam major. I don’t know what I can do after graduating. I am always comforting myself that I’m learning English. Maybe I could learn English very well one day and be excellence in the certain field. However, I’m not confident enough. I have not seen any gift I represent in English. Like most of English learners, I spend time in remembering vocabularies. I have trouble in speaking. I’m still responding slowly to English speakers. Although I’m here in America, I don’t have too many opportunities to talk with others. I understand how boring for others to communicate with a person who cannot express anything clearly. I cannot pronounce English words correctly. I’m so tired. Everything gets tough around me. I know there’s still a long way to go to make a little difference for me. However, I don’t have any other choice. Giving up and to be an ordinary person or moving on toughly to try to reach the slightly bright future? I am unable to accept the former. Therefore, I have to believe that every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe the tough will be getting going. Life is moving on. Either I conquer the tough, or be defeated by the tough.

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