My Toy Car

Everyone must have his favorite toy in his childhood. For me, I received a tinny toy car from my grandfather on my five-year-old birthday. The car has a purple mental body with black dots and four flexible rubber wheels. The size of the car is 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width. I held it all the time and ran it in the cover of everything I could reach. I always put it in my pocket when I had other things to do. After getting into junior high school, I always put it in my pencil box or my backpack. It was like my little baby and I did my best to protect and to take after it. I usually cleaned it by wet tissue and put it under the sun to sanitize for a while. After getting into high school, I put the tinny toy car on my desk. I thought it is the car that witnesses my childhood and my growing up. It is my closest friend who accompanies me silently all the time. Sadly, my grandfather passed away last year. Now, every time I see the car, I could recall my grandfather with happy smile. The car brings me too many happy moments that my grandfather spent with me. For me, the car is not only my favorite toy, but also it is my closest friend, the silent place in my heart, the witness of my childhood and the best memories that my grandfather left on me. I think it is the time that I should put it in a soft box. After several ten of years, when I get elder and open the box again, there should be another kind of happiness for me in it.

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