If Today Is the Last Day of My Life

From tomorrow on, I will be a happy person;

Grooming, chopping, and traveling all over the world.

From tomorrow on, I will care foodstuff and vegetables,

I have a house, towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming.

From tomorrow on, I will write to each of my dear ones,

Telling them of my happiness,

What the lightening of blessedness has told me,

I will spread it to each of them.

And give a warm name for every river and every mountain.

Strangers, I will also give you my well-wishing.

May you have a brilliant future!

May you lovers eventually become spouse!

May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world!

I only wish to face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming.

We don’t have enough time to spend with our parents as time goes by. We don’t have enough time to have all of our dreams come true as time goes by. We don’t have enough time to taste the pain and joy in our life as time goes by. It is responsible for ourselves to decide how to spend our time and treat our life.

When I was thirteen years old, I got a serious illness. I had broken capillaries of my legs. I had a serious fever as high as over 100F. I remembered that I was unconscious for almost a week and I had been vomiting all the food I had eaten night by night. I slept all day. In my dream, I saw there was a door with a dim light squeezing through. The door was about to open for me; however, I heard my mother’s weeping around me from the darkness. She had accompanied with me all the time since I was in hospital, holding my small hands tightly. I didn’t have the courage to walk towards the door, although I was so curious about another side of the door. The door was swayed slightly back and forth, open and closed again and again. I felt slightly dizzy and disoriented. I clenched my teeth and toughly opened my eyes. I said to my mom with tears: “I’ll be with you.” After several weeks’ struggle with my illness, I came to get recovery.

I get the new understanding of life after experiencing my serious illness. Not being negative, the truth is that we cannot know what will happen tomorrow. Therefore, it becomes important for everyone to decide how to spend our today. Steve jobs once said that for 33 years he has looked in the mirror every morning and asked himself: “if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” I do agree with the pattern to live. It is responsible for us own. The similar things happened on an old couple too. There’s an old couple. Every night, they would say I love you to each other. And they have kept the habit for all their life. When people are laughing at their affectionate words, they reply that if one of them cannot wake up in the morning, they hope the last words left for each other are I love you. Except for being touched, I do believe their words are responsible for others.

In contrast, there are lots of people who are always nervous about their future instead of enjoying their present moments. I had such a friend. I knew him in high school. He studied so hard. He made plan for his tomorrow every day and he did everything carefully. He was always caring much more about his future than his present moment. It seems like his time was more valuable than others’. He didn’t like to talk to us and he was up to his eyes in his own business all day. Last year, I met him again after five years’ departure. He seemed exhausted and much older than his age. He lost all his friends since he was always living in his own world. He missed the so-called childish and naïve period which belongs to one’s teenage only, devoting all himself into making plan for his future. Sometimes, we allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments,so much so that we end up anxious, frustrated, depressed, and hopeless Unfortunately the same mental dynamics that tell us to look toward the future will only repeat themselves so that ‘someday’ never actually arrives.

John Lennon once said, ‘Life is what’s happening while we’re busy making other plans. When we’re busy making “plans.” Our children are busy growing up, the people we love are moving away and dying, our bodies are getting out of shape, and our dreams are slipping away. In short, we miss out on life. Time goes by. Give your families a call every day. Spend your time on things interest you. Choose to do something necessary and valuable. Treat every day as the last day in your life. Ask yourself if you really want to do what you are about to do today. Whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, you are supposed to change something.

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